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"U.S. Athletic Training Center is a highly professional and well run establishment. They give unparalleled customer service to their clients and are very knowledgeable about the latest techniques in sports medicine. I have been working with Gary Guerriero since my rookie year in the NFL and he has helped me keep my career on track."

Derek Morgan, Linebacker, Tennessee Titans

"Mary carefully corrected everything I had been doing wrong for years, and with a better focus on my abdominals. Distinctly absent were the ladies of Lycra who tend to make everyone over 100 pounds feel like a lazy old pig."

Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times

"The U.S. Athletic Training Center is the top rated physical therapy center in New York, as these physical therapists are blessed with a special gift: the power to heal."

Matthew McCann Fenton, The NY Daily News

"Had my first actual session today. Can’t believe I waited this long. Huge difference. Will be there at
7:40 tomorrow to make more progress. Thanks again."


"My surgeon recommended Gary as a therapist, so I've been booking my appointments with him.
Although he's in very high demand, I've been able to find time for appointments. I trust him. He
definitely knows the body, knows what he's doing and has a great bedside manner. I've been to other PT places that only allow you to book out two weeks in advance, so there's often a mad rush each week to book the appts you need. At your place, being able to book appts as far out in advance as you like is a huge help."


"I have to tell you, I love my guys and gals. I had knee surgery on Nov. 5th, nothing major, only my
second time ever having surgery, first was five years ago on my foot, neuroma. Anyway, four days after surgery I was in your gym, Nov. 9th and Nov. 10th. First day I did 1:30pm and on Tue. I did 4:00pm. I decided to switched my Thur. Nov.12th to the morning and am so happy I did. I went this week on Mon. at 6:00am and Tue. at 6:15am, I am going tomorrow morning again at 6:00am. By far, your morning team is awesome. They are so knowledgeable on my knee injury and all the types (many) of exercises I should be doing. What really makes them stand out is that they explain in detail what you need to do, why you need to do it and then stand over you and watch you, on and off, to make sure you are always doing the exercise correct. I have two more weeks, the end of the month, but I think I might book another month with them. (I'm hooked lol)"

N. K.

"Happy doesn't begin to express my thoughts on US Athletic Training Center. The facilities, therapy and trainers are amazing. PT is never at the top of the list of things people want to do. But your quality team makes a undesirable need into a great experience. The professional, positive environment makes my twice weekly visit the highlight of my work week! I recently went to my doctor for a follow up on my knee and he asked me how I liked my PT. I told him how amazing you guys were and he informed me that he needs a place to recommend people in Midtown east. He has asked me to ask you folks to get in touch with him so he could get business cards and the like so that he can recommend you."


"As a former athlete and one that has had numerous surgeries, the team (more specifically Gary), the service (front desk), and the care in general is extraordinary. I appreciate the outreach as well. I feel I am in the best of hands and care!"


"I am very happy with the therapy program and therapist assigned for my shoulder surgery recovery. You run a first class business and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it onward. This is the second round of rehab that I have spent with your team and I was equally pleased and impressed the first time around."