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Radical Motion Therapy (R.M.T.)

Gary Guerriero, co-founder of the U.S. Athletic Training Center, developed a superior manual technique called Radical Motion Therapy (RMT) that he and his staff have been using since 1994.

RMT is a hands-on technique that takes place while a body is in motion. We believe a body’s function is even more integral than a body’s structure. RMT treats each injury at the most fully revealed, individual and therapeutic moment, while it is moving. RMT is different from other therapy techniques because it takes the body when it is in the functional motion that you would need for activity. You and the therapist go through the exact motion you would need for your movement. The therapist starts at the insertion of the muscle going all the way through to the attachment to clear the area of scarring and any microtears that might have occurred during your injury. The muscles recover to proper length while improving blood and neurological circulation. The greater knowledge a person has of their body and its movements the more successful the outcomes of RMT. When RMT results are positive, they are long lasting. This often helps patients with the speed of recovery and keeps treatment within the parameters of their insurance benefits.