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The Motion Lab

U.S. Athletic Training Center was the first facility equipped with a Motion Lab. This specialized facility allows us to analyze your gait angle by angle, develop the perfect pitch, and work on numerous other movements.

How It Works

The Motion Lab works with a computer program that takes the mechanics of your movement apart and analyzes them in detail. It can offer specific function, like using a layover of your gait with that of a world-class athlete to compare subtle and major differences and allow you to improve how you move.

Our lab, in conjunction with physical therapy evaluations, can help you make the most of every muscle. No matter the level you are now, you can join the marathon winners and world record holders who use the Motion Lab in athletic training at U.S.A.T.C.

Lady on Treadmill
Of course, the lab isn't restricted to running. Our lab can analyze all kinds of motion. It analyzes golf, tennis, and squash swings, baseball pitches, weightlifting mechanics, boxing, and any other movement you want to improve. Whatever the sport, our lab can take important seconds off your time and put you in perfect form. We work closely with both doctors and coaches to ensure athletes of all levels achieve their goals.